by MJ Lenderman

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capnrando MJ is the GOAT. Don't even get me started. Favorite track: Dead Eyes.
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All songs written and performed by Jake Lenderman except for Boys written by Jason Molina, drums on Buster played by Owen Stone, back up vocals by Colin Miller and Owen Stone on Boys and Peter Pan.
Produced by Colin Miller and Jake Lenderman.
Engineered by Colin Miller.
Recorded at Sub-Fi.
Photo by Sophia Vess.
Text by Lewis Dahm.


released June 15, 2017

Thank you for the support, I could not have done this without you:
Colin, Owen, Nathanael, Michael, Ethan, Willie, The Brucemont dudes, Sophia, Freeman, Bryan, all my friends, my parents, and my sisters.



all rights reserved


MJ Lenderman Asheville, North Carolina

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Track Name: Boys
We have no rattle snakes here
We have no rattle snakes here
We have no devils in here

'Cause we have boys
We have boys
Who share the same poison

We have no devils here
We have no devils in here
We have no rattle snakes here
Track Name: Bobby
Bobby Briggs way to cool for the kids
You got a nice leather jacket
Jet black hair you know you're going nowhere
You better watch who you're talking to
Above the law with your butcher knife jaw
You never listened to your parents
Behind cigarette smoke on the inside you choked
Under those cocaine crazy eyes

Golden lung another kiss on your tongue
You didn't love her but you wouldn't kill her
Now your girl's alone with a ghost in your home
Who's gonna cause a lot a damage
First moment he gets gonna be 6 6 6
And he just now started moving
So you better run quick and stop shooting the shit
With the boss man's daughter
Track Name: Ghost
He's always rapping at my door
I let him in but still he asks for more
I can get him out when I need but
He always comes back
Always comes back

I know him like a friend but I'm trying to get rid of him
He's the weight in my shadows that's always pulling my in
He's all of the ghosts behind those big blue eyes
Through the gap in teeth you make me feel alright
So, if you don't mind me asking for all of your time
I'd let you have mine

If only we knew which way was west
Long drive to not catch the sunset
So we go down to the shadows of an empty cup de sac
Blood sky and the night was coming back
He's gone but the ghost is still around
Hiding in those memories you been trying to shoot down
He's gone but the ghost is still out and if he comes
Here again I'll kick his fucking head in
So, if you wanted to go somewhere else
You know I'd follow
Follow you

I want to be there when it's time to leave
And become the sun and the moon and the trees
And the wind when it kisses your back and it sings
You this song and it blows on and on and on
And if you wanted to leave
All the good in you
I'd take the rest too
Track Name: Dead Eyes
Caught you riding in the backseat of Daniel's car
I guess he's my friend but I don't like him
Something about that smile

We met up on a side street in the grass
Streetlights came on, headlights burned out
While your face flickered flame
With dead eyes that glow real tired and slow
You coughed
Just to know how far could it go

I think they played me
My conscience made me to bury its dirt
My head was dancing, I started falling
In every direction
Through empty space, no shadow no face
I lost
With red eyes that glow there's no way they won't know
Where I've been

If you'd have seen the comet coming your way
Wold you have walked out the door?
With red eyes that glow real tired and slow
Where'd you go
Track Name: Buster
Stone-faced joker
You always made me smile with those deadpan eyes
Every day there's a new bruise
What was there to lose?
Don't give it away

Here comes your box office flop
And now she's all you've got and
You chose the bottle
Someone put a lid on it
Before he gets sick and
Makes a decision he regrets

You've been riding that train for such a long time
Riding on the wrong side but
That's beside the point
There's no stopping you til you're dead
Buster watch your head
Before you lose it
Once your gone and all the wounds heal
We'll remember the good times
How you made us laugh
All the gags
Buster watch your head
Before you lose it
Track Name: Peter Pan
Oh Peter Pan
You don't wanna
Be a man
Rolling around that corner
Black hoodie
Hides your hands
Because they
Wouldn't know just how to react
With the softness of her laugh
How to react
With the rejection from her back

Lost boy
Don't look
You can't give back
What you took
Running out of starts
Cheap snow and
Stolen smiles gonna
Freeze you and
Make the calls for you
They're gonna tease you
And laugh while you fall through

Every day you hang around
I'm the same old bar in the same old town
Doing the same old shit with the same old people
Who share the same old thoughts and the same old evils and
Peter Pan
You won't ever
Be a man
Never come down
Never land
Peter Pan
Track Name: Gatlinburg
I'm the Tennessee mountains
There's a town
Where two boys stood at the top of the hill like kings
And burned it down
Just to show that
They're bigger than
All the forces of nature
They are man

Watch the cars
As they pass
Like a river one after the other go down
Through the hot red rain
Not return to
Their old homes
Start a new life in a neighboring county
By those blinking road signs

Still sits her soft, sturdy shell
Eerie how unchanged
Unaffected that old white finish
After the flame
Under those sleepless eyes
Bags like smoke
Frozen her breathless skies
After the flame

Take down what you can't build back
Build up what cannot be touched
Be the warriors of do t stop til you get what you want
Live by the sword
But this mountain will always stand
Her blue eyes and her wrinkled hands
Can not be broken by no boy or no king or no man
She still stands